Piece of pulla is for you to treat yourself & for all to
have a happy moment with a special someone ♡

Imagine. Lakeside in Finland. You walk through the woods with birds singing you songs. The grass is freshly cut. The wind blows through your hair. The evening sun is shining brightly from a clear blue sky. Smoke is coming out of the sauna chimney. No neighbors, just you and your thoughts. And nature. 

You enter a cottage with wooden floors. The sun kissed windows let the room light up like a holy place. You see a long, old wooden table, hot coffee is poured in ancient porcelain cups. Silver spoons with engraved initials lie aside. In a big white jug there is freshly made blueberry milk. Blueberries from the near forest. Through the coffee aromas you sense a sweet, misty and nutty breeze. It is the lovely smell of cinnamon, and a yeast dough finalized with smooth silky butter. 

The lady of the house is dressed in a floral dress, her hair tied up in a ponytail, her red lips giving her face that pure happy smile. She opens the oven and warm air covers the entire room. Freshly baked korvapuusti lay on the baking tray. These oval, multi-layered, fluffy, sticky cinnamon treats that are covered with few sprinkles of pearl sugar. A moment you want to relive over and over again. The table is set. Have a seat. Have a piece of pulla
. ♡

Korvapuusti is a traditional Finnish delicacy served even in the most remoted café's in the country. There are as many recipes as there are bakers.  

Pulla covers the whole range of pastries made out of the dough, whether it is with vanilla sugar, butter and sugar or cinnamon.

We want to share a piece of pulla with you ♡

Take a moment for you and the person you are thinking of. It is a shared moment. Write the person about your feelings and thoughts. A happy moment. Maybe with a cup of coffee. And a piece of pulla.

Share a perfect pulla moment with your special someone! All we want is for you to enjoy your pulla!

Pullan tuoksuisin terveisin,
Laura & Kiti
the sisters♡


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Past events

MAY 2017

12th - 14th Schön und Gut Weekend, Zurich 
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JULY 2016

30th - 31st Street Food Festival, Zurich 
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13th Köklax Open Olympix, Espoo

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Köklax Open Olympix


12th at SWEA Kan
Freie Evangelische Schule, Zurich
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6th Celebrating Finland's 99th Birthday
Nordiska Roddföreningen, Zurich
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Please ask for a piece of pulla anytime ♡

Order piece of pulla

Freshly made on the day of delivery. Possibility to freeze and consume at any time later. Place your order latest 2 days prior to delivery. Delivery around Zurich area possible (additional costs may apply)

Minimum order

50 pieces 150,00 CHF
100 pieces 200,00 CHF

Zürich, Switzerland

Pulla Ambassador
Laura Reimaa


Espoo, Finland

Pulla Ambassador
Kiti Reimaa